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►Introducing “NO TIME TO FAIL” package | Combined functions of analyst and trader in one | YouTube.com/@FOREXnowTV/live – Analytics & Forecasts – 3 May 2023

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►Introducing “NO TIME TO FAIL” package | Combined functions of analyst and trader in one

  • SMART Pattern In ONE Indicator [a collection of reversal, trend, and sideways patterns in one indicator].

  • SMART Control PANEL Experts [control open Buy/Sell, Stop/Limit orders, shift Open/Order & TP/SL on the chart].

Combining the roles of an analyst and trader into one package called “NO TIME TO FAIL” is a smart move to determine the direction of success in personal trading business for professional traders.

The demand for reliable analysis and action to execute trades is often hindered by confusing activities according to the functions provided by the standard Metatrader.

In the financial business strategy, there are two groups of proficient analysts to use, namely fundamental strategy focused on information and actuality from the current market conditions, and technical strategy relying on historical data of past market movements.

The easiest and most promising way to predict future direction is through technical strategy that emphasizes probability and statistical theory.

The most needed analytical functions include:

  1. Measurable reversal information with the highest probability of executing BuyLimit or SellLimit orders.

  2. Trend information at the time of the formation of technical or fundamental market momentum, which will be more optimal if both support each other. This allows for executing BuyStop or SellStop orders.

  3. Accurate sideways information that results in prospects for repeated scalping executions. This allows for opening positions or orders simultaneously.

Regarding execution and strategy, it includes sending screenshots regularly to a private/group Telegram channel.[t.me/Get_Telegram_ID] It has been carefully and functionally provided according to the main needs of professional traders in general.


The products of the “NO TIME TO FAIL” series are specially designed for confident and skilled traders who rely on their analytical skills. It caters to the demands of professional traders who need a functional tool to quickly and conveniently execute “buy/sell” open trade decisions and “stop/limit” pending orders, based on observing signal charts on their monitor screen. It includes features such as TP/SL updates via simple drag & drop actions.

Testing is available free Download Trial, for  SMART Timing PRO ,” SMART Pattern In ONE ” and “SMART Control PANEL“, center left column, press the product brand to go to the respective link or via this blog.


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