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113: Normalizing Bitcoin, and exploring the cryptocurrency ecosystem w/ Benjamin Small

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Benjamin Small is an electrical engineering PhD. He’s worked in quantitative research roles since 2006, at UBS, Citadel, Credit Suisse and the stock exchange, IEX.

Today though, Ben is head of market structure at Gemini—the world’s first fully licensed and fully regulated Bitcoin exchange, which is based in New York.

During this chat, we get into; payment for order flow and high frequency trading, why there’s an incentive to normalize Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency ecosystem, potential outcomes for the future of Bitcoin, and becoming a cashless society.

Topics of discussion:

  • Payment for order flow; how retail orders are treated by high frequency market makers, and what it means to route to an exchange or internalize an order.
  • The impact Gemini are attempting to make on the Bitcoin ecosystem, why regulation matters, and the benefits of attracting more institutional flow.
  • Trading opportunities that are available in Bitcoin, which don’t necessarily exist in traditional asset classes, and security measures needed to protect Bitcoin.
  • Ben shares his thoughts on altcoins (Bitcoin alternatives), how they help the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem, and whether Bitcoin will remain the leader.
  • Will there come a day when Bitcoin is as widely-accepted as other currencies—what’s the future? And are we heading towards a cashless society…

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Benjamin Small; Head of Market Structure, Gemini.

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