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Friday, April 19, 2024

123: Grit, hustle, intent—and environment w/ Darren Reed, @LiftTheOffer

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Darren Reed (@LiftTheOffer) has been a stock broker, the head trader at a $300M hedge fund, and an active prop trader at Australian firms, Propex, Aliom and Gensis. At the later two, he also mentored traders as part of his role in trader development.

But this year (2017), Darren has returned to Perth—on the west coast of Australia, to establish a new proprietary trading firm with a few partners; Cygnet Trading.

The main focus of this episode can be summarized with just a few words; grit, hustle and intent. Further, Darren speaks about paying your dues, why environment is everything, and a window into the life of a discretionary prop trader.

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Darren Reed: Proprietary trader and co-founder of Cygnet Trading.

Topics of discussion:

  • Reflecting on his days playing high school football, Darren explains how true grit was a trait indoctrinated into his team—which has stuck with him ever since.
  • Paying your dues, the wisdom passed down from “Ol’ Daryl” (the wealthy owner of an Australian brokerage), and the value of developing a sense of self awareness.
  • Why those in trader development roles have a great responsibility to who they mentor, the things which make a good trainer, and what makes a good trainee.
  • How your environment can impact on your success as a trader, the first steps for getting into a prop firm, and the parts which aren’t so fun about trading…

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