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132: Still adapting after 80,000+ hours of screen time w/ Mark Gardner

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Mark Gardner began working in the field at 17-years old, straight out of high school. Initially he began with back office duties, before broking on the floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE). Then later he was picked up by a large Bank Bills trader to exclusively execute trades, and who he learned a great deal from.

Around 2005, Mark started trading his own book. Over the 10-years that followed, Mark had only two losing months—and to date, he’s never encountered a losing year. Though in 2015 he did suffer a substantial blow, losing months and months worth of gains in the space of just a few short hours.

Today, Mark is also a partner and the chairman of Genesis Trading (one of the larger prop firms in Australia). He’s also leading a new venture, 42Trading, as a foray into quantitative trading. And to top it off, Mark is the president of the Australian Securities Traders Association too.

Topics of discussion:

  • Insight to Mark’s insane work ethic and his ability to trade on autopilot, plus the simple three strike system he uses to maintain high standards at all times.
  • Forming trading rules in a neutral mindset, rather than doing so in a reactive mindset. And reasons to work harder when doing well, instead of the opposite…
  • After a decade of consistent gains, with only two losing months, Mark describes how he developed a God complex and took a significant hit in March 2015.
  • Mark speaks about his edge in short-term interest rates, how it’s becoming noticeably slimmer, and why he’s become attracted to quantitative trading.

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