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138: In Search of the Next Great Trade—with The Macro Tourist, Kevin Muir

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During the 90’s, Kevin Muir was a proprietary derivatives trader for RBC Dominion Securities. In 2000, Kevin branched out to begin trading independently, and since 2014, he’s been writing a daily blog, The Macro Tourist.

Kevin’s unique in the sense that he fits the bill of two largely different trading types; an intraday trader and a global macro trader. He also doesn’t specialize in one particular thing, or certainly not to the extent that many traders do…

Kevin can be quoted as saying, “I never know where I’m going to make money next year.” And that’s because he’s someone who’s continually seeking out the next great trade. In the past, Kevin’s great trades have come in the form of; risk arbitrage, mining Bitcoin, convertible bonds and day trading futures—amongst many other things!

Topics of discussion:

  • Kevin shares lessons learned as a derivatives trader for RBC Dominion Securities; many things looks easy in hindsight, and what’s obvious is often useless…
  • Opportunities which exist for smaller traders, and why Kevin’s willing to go anywhere for the next great trade—from mining Bitcoin to convertible bonds.
  • Kevin explains his balancing act between intraday and global macro trading, the personality type well suited for macro, and a recap of a recent trading scenario.
  • A tale which encapsulates a brilliant trader; how one speculator had the foresight to make a fortune from the discovery of oil in Norway (without trading oil!)

kevin muir the macro tourist

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Kevin Muir, North Shore of Lake Superior.

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