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155: The trader’s guide to building generational wealth w/ Anthony Saliba

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Anthony Saliba, an original Market Wizard, was first on episode 107. On that episode, we mostly discussed Tony’s life as a trader and related subjects. But one area we didn’t get into too much, was his life as a parallel entrepreneur and an investor.

So, I mentioned to Tony, this time around, it’s something I’m keen to hear a lot more about. Because his success extends far beyond trading alone…

For example; LiquidPoint, an options execution and technology firm which Tony founded, was acquired in 2007 for a sum of mid nine-figures. He’s also invested in upwards of 100 companies—in a whole range of sectors, owns a golf resort, shopping centres and other real estate. And that’s not all.

Topics of discussion:

  • Tony speaks on how trading success, in many ways, was a stepping stone towards greater opportunities, and the mindset he developed when trading options.
  • What’s the likelihood that an independent trader can accumulate generational wealth from nothing other than trading, steps to take after reaching consistency.
  • How to differentiate between a worthwhile opportunity and distraction, definitively separating passive and active investment, the key to time efficiency.
  • Must entrepreneurs take big risks in order to make big money, Tony shares a risky bet which cost him millions and best advice for anyone entering a partnership.
  • Early stage startups versus established companies, lump sum gains versus constant income streams, case studies of recent investments in various sectors.

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Anthony Saliba: Options trader, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

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