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209: Contrarian Stances on Fundamental Inflection Points w/ Neeraj Monga

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For more than a decade, Neeraj Monga was Head of Research at Veritas—a Canadian independent equity research firm—where he published numerous stock reports that garnered plenty of attention from investors, analysts and media…

Although it’s not the case he’s most proud of, Neeraj is perhaps best-known for revealing the shady dealings of Kingfisher Airlines—founded and lead by the larger-than-life billionaire, Vijay Mallya. Neeraj’s damning report was ultimately the precursor to the airliners’ demise (and later became the focal point of a Netflix doco!)

In this conversation with Neeraj, he recounts multiple stocks that he’s worked on and explains why he was often a taking contrarian stance, going against market sentiment. Plus, we get into some broader topics around deep-dive research too.

Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 02:30 – Getting started as an analyst, forensic accounting, research client base.
  • 13:18 – Case study: Kingfisher Airlines and Vijay ‘The King of Good Times’ Mallya.
  • 28:16 – Other cases: Reliance Communications, Blackberry, Tesla, Yellow Media.
  • 46:20 – Large cap deep-dive research, price vs fundamentals, quality reporting.

Neeraj Monga: CEO at Antya Investments, former Head of Research at Veritas Investment Research.

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