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220: Meet the Market Makers on the Other Side of Your Trade w/ Erik Swanson

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Erik Swanson’s the CEO of Simplex Trading…

While unknown to many, the Chicago-based trading firm is one of the top market makers in U.S. equity options—providing liquidity in (almost) every listed options contract, and in recent times, transacting upwards of 2-million contracts daily.

In our chat, Erik pulls back the curtain, giving a rare insight to how market makers operate; from quoting to hedging, and the complexities that take place in between.

Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 01:40 – Trader to CEO, about Simplex, being a registered market maker.
  • 06:40 – Options market making: quoting, fair value, hedging, cash equities, risk.
  • 33:50 – Gamestop saga, the unimaginable rise of options volume (2021).
  • 41:00 – Payment for order flow: common criticisms, mechanics of order routing.
  • 50:10 – Maintaining an edge over competing firms.

Erik Swanson: CEO, Simplex Investments.

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