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227 · Trade Recap: Swing the Rumor, Sell the News w/ Chase Galbraith

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Trade Recap episodes are a new format (in addition to regular episodes), with the purpose of analyzing each aspect of a guests’ trade: idea, execution, management.

Chase Galbraith is an Australian equities trader, with a firm foothold in small caps. The trade in focus today, Chase initiated and held between September – November 2021, in mineral exploration company Kingsrose Mining (ASX:KRM).

This trade could be categorized as a swing, largely driven by fundamental factors and speculation of an acquisition. Though it also combines elements of tape reading and price action, with regard to execution.

Row 1: Daily Chart + Buy, Sell Executions | Row 2: Volume | Row 3: Position Size (Units) | Row 4: Profit ‘n Loss (Gross)

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