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248 · Systematic Options Trading – Minimize Risk, Optimize Edge w/ David Sun

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From Electrical Engineer to Hedge Fund Manager, David Sun shares one of his Hedge Fund strategies using options. He appeared as a Rising Star guest on the TastyTrade show and on the Flirting With Models podcast.  With a talent for trading options, he then went on to start his first hedge fund in 2018, and then went on to add a second one in 2021.

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We get an inside look at one of David’s Hedge Fund strategies concepts applying a systematic approach to Options trading. It has to do with these 3 things; stop losses (which is not common in options trading), how he takes advantage of high implied volatility (IV) – but not in the way most options traders would think, and his approach on managing the win size: loss size ratio, all to manage risk exposure and optimize edge.

Looking for actionable ideas to explore? Then this is a must-listen-to episode!


Trading in the financial markets involves a risk of loss. Podcast episodes and other content produced by Chat With Traders are for informational or educational purposes only and do not constitute trading or investment recommendations or advice.

Topics & Timestamps:

  • 00:00:00 Background and early experience
  • 00:13:10 Compare and Contrast to Kris Sidial’s Hedge Fund strategy
  • 00:16:25 David Sun’s Hedge Funds
  • 00:22:00 Stop Losses, Win Size to Loss Size Ratio, Expectancy Hacking
  • 00:24:00 Premium Capture Rate
  • 00:30:00 Implied Volatility
  • 00:52:00 Misconceptions of Options Trading

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David Sun

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