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256 · Supercharging the Brain and Body with Peak Performance Habits w/ Louisa Nicola

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After an accident ended her career as a professional athlete, Louisa Nicola became a Neurophysiologist and human performance coach, in order to understand and share what improves and degrades the brain’s short term performance and long term viability. Adopting certain habits, diets and supplementing with technology can give us traders the edge needed for peak performance and overall mental well-being.  


Neurophysiologist and human performance coach, Louisa Nicola is the founder and head performance advisor of Neuro Athletics – a consulting firm that boasts the best athletes in the world. By using science driven data from EEG scans, labs tests and cognitive assessments, Louisa has a first class ticket inside the brain of elite NBA and MLB stars. Louisa graduated from the University of Sydney medical school and is currently completing her doctorate studying the effects of resistance exercise on the brain.

Louisa serves on the board of Momentous, Tonal, and Klora.

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Trading in the financial markets involves a risk of loss. Podcast episodes and other content produced by Chat With Traders are for informational or educational purposes only and do not constitute trading or investment recommendations or advice.

Topics & Timestamps:

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  • 0:00 Background
  • 4:44 What she looks for in an EEG test
  • 8:39 Are sacrifices in health needed to be successful?
  • 11:09 Preparing for sleep from the moment you wake up
  • 14:09 Need for sunlight and using a light box as a substitute
  • 17:15 Sleep hygiene
  • 22:00 Too much sleep possible?
  • 25:18 Sleep aids—CBD, Blue light blocking glasses, PEMF
  • 28:03 When should we finish eating?
  • 30:08 The brain loves habits
  • 33:55 How does exercise impact the brain
  • 38:12 Best types of exercise for those time constrained
  • 39:15 Heart rate variability and its importance
  • 40:25 Frequency and amount of exercise
  • 42:33 Types of Diet and its effects
  • 44:08 Important supplements to take
  • 48:06 Vegetables oils are the new smoking?
  • 50:20 How heat impacts oil
  • 52:23 Sugar can impact inflammation 
  • 53:30 Benefits of using Continuous Glucose Monitors 
  • 54:55 Importance of blood testing before choosing diets
  • 56:30 What is Louisa most of her time studying?
  • 58:20 How to reach Louisa

Louisa Nicola

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