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5 Best Recurring Affiliate Marketing Companies

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Unlike in standard affiliate programs, affiliates that participate in recurring programs get paid more than once. Affiliates in such systems receive a monthly commission for each customer they suggest that continues to use the service. Let’s take a look at the best recurring affiliate marketing companies.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

You should expect to discover software of some form as part of most repeating affiliate schemes whether it be virtual private networks, marketing, or real estate software.

These businesses would gladly split the profits with you from the consumers you bring them since they realize it is more challenging to win over a new customer than to keep an old one satisfied.

For those interested in the top affiliate programs that will keep paying out in 2022, here they are:

  • ConvertKit affiliate program
  • Shopify affiliate program
  • Affilimate affiliate program
  • Close affiliate program
  • Pure VPN affiliate program


You can do a lot with ConvertKit, which is why it’s become such a popular email marketing tool. Everything from building a simple landing page to mass emailing your list is within your reach. The design prioritized the needs of the creative community.

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YouTubers, podcasters, and musicians will find this to be a lifesaver. There is a premium tier available for ConvertKit, and it starts at just $9 a month.

It may take more time to achieve a return on investment (ROI) with ConvertKit’s freemium plan, which allows for up to 1,000 subscribers but lacks capabilities like automation.

Nonetheless, if you can educate your target audience on how to make the most of ConvertKit’s premium features, you’ll earn a cut of their subscription fees in the future.


You may build your own e-commerce store, or you can utilize Shopify. It’s an excellent e-commerce platform for new business owners, and its affiliate program is first-rate.

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To sum up, your recommendation must remain active for at least two months before you receive payment, but once they do, you will receive payment for both months at once.

However, the commissions do not accumulate, and even if the person you referred pays for an annual plan, you will only receive payment for two months. Your commissions will be sent to you via PayPal, and there is a very low $25 minimum to get paid.


Do you want to reach artists, affiliate marketers, and entrepreneurs that operate their businesses online? The odds are high that they, like you, participate in a number of affiliate programs.

It might be a headache to try to collect and analyze data from all of them using spreadsheets.

Affilimate is useful for this purpose. It compiles your affiliate data and facilitates the generation of a variety of reports that trace your earnings back to the specific pages on your site that were responsible for generating those earnings.

Also, not only are affiliates a good fit for the product, but affiliates can count on a substantial 20% recurring commission, forever.


In order to increase the number of leads that become paying customers, firms might use Close, a customer relationship management application. It is more affordable for new businesses to start out with, as their basic plan costs only $25 per month per user.

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However, if your target market consists of companies that are a bit beyond the stage of the solopreneur, per-seat pricing might be useful for affiliates.

Close costs $100 per month for a team of four people. If they remain a customer for a whole year, you’ll earn a cool $120 in yearly income based on a 10% recurring fee.

Pure VPN

Pure VPN, with headquarters in Hong Kong, offers users access to a vast network of servers in locations all over the globe. Port forwarding, a VPN kill switch, and military-grade encryption are all included. The British Virgin Islands-based GZ Systems Ltd is the company’s parent.

With a high-profit rate of up to 100% per transaction and a lengthy cookie duration, the Pure VPN affiliate program provides an appropriate commission structure.


Affiliate programs that pay on an ongoing basis are known as recurring affiliate programs.

For each recommendation, you will get paid every period until the end of the agreement. The finest affiliate programs typically include lifelong commitments. It was all about the best recurring affiliate marketing companies.

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