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9 Reasons You Can Blame the Recession on the Value of Skillshare for Career Development

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The recession has left many people without jobs or struggling to keep the ones they have. Many of these individuals have turned to online learning platforms like Skillshare to develop new skills and improve their chances of success. However, the value of Skillshare for career development has been called into question. In this article, we will explore 9 reasons why the recession can be blamed on the value of Skillshare for career development.

Lack of Accreditation

One of the main reasons why Skillshare has been criticized for its value in career development is its lack of accreditation. Many employers require a degree or certificate from an accredited institution, and Skillshare does not provide either of these.

Limited Scope of Courses

Skillshare’s courses are often limited in scope and may not cover all the skills needed to succeed in a particular field. This can leave individuals with an incomplete understanding of their chosen profession, hindering their career prospects.

Quality of Instruction

While Skillshare’s instructors are experts in their fields, the quality of instruction can vary greatly. This can lead to confusion and frustration for learners, ultimately hindering their ability to apply what they have learned to their careers.

Inability to Network

One of the key benefits of traditional education is the ability to network with peers and industry professionals. Skillshare does not provide this opportunity, leaving learners without the valuable connections that can often lead to career opportunities.

Lack of Individualized Attention

Skillshare’s courses are often self-paced and do not provide individualized attention from instructors. This can leave learners struggling to apply concepts to their unique situations, hindering their ability to succeed in their careers.

Unproven Results

While Skillshare boasts many success stories, there is little evidence to support its effectiveness in helping individuals achieve their career goals. This lack of evidence can make it difficult for individuals to justify investing their time and money into Skillshare courses.

Limited Career Resources

Skillshare does not provide comprehensive career resources such as job placement assistance or career counselling. This can leave learners struggling to navigate the job market and identify opportunities for career growth.

Inadequate Training for In-Demand Skills

While Skillshare offers courses on many popular topics, it may not provide adequate training for in-demand skills in certain industries. This can leave learners ill-prepared for the current job market, hindering their ability to succeed in their chosen field.

Lack of Recognition

Finally, Skillshare’s lack of recognition within the professional community can hinder its value for career development. Many employers may not recognize Skillshare courses as a legitimate form of education, further limiting their value for learners.


In conclusion, while Skillshare can be a valuable resource for individuals looking to develop new skills, its value for career development is limited. Lack of accreditation, the limited scope of courses, and inadequate training for in-demand skills are just a few of the reasons why the recession can be blamed on the value of Skillshare for career development. Individuals looking to improve their career prospects should carefully consider the limitations of Skillshare before investing their time and money into its courses.


1. What is Skillshare, and how does it work?

  • Skillshare is an online learning platform that provides courses on a wide range of topics, from creative skills to business and technology.

2. Is Skillshare a legitimate form of education?

  • While Skillshare provides valuable information and can help individuals develop new skills, it is not an accredited institution and may not be recognized by all employers as a legitimate form of education.

3. How much does Skillshare cost?

  • Skillshare offers a free trial and subscription plans starting at $19 per month.

4. Can Skillshare help me advance my career?

  • While Skillshare can provide individuals with new skills and knowledge, its value for career advancement may be limited due to its lack of accreditation and limited scope of courses.

5. What are some alternative resources for career development?

  • There are many alternative resources for career development, including traditional education, vocational training programs, and mentorship opportunities.

6. Can Skillshare help me land a job?

  • While Skillshare does not provide job placement assistance, the skills and knowledge gained from its courses may help individuals stand out in the job market and increase their chances of success.

7. How can I determine if Skillshare is right for me?

  • Individuals should carefully consider their career goals and the limitations of Skillshare before investing in its courses. They may also consider reading reviews and reaching out to other professionals in their field for advice.

8. What should I look for in an online learning platform?

  • When evaluating online learning platforms, individuals should consider factors such as accreditation, quality of instruction, the scope of courses, and opportunities for networking and career advancement.

9. Can I still benefit from Skillshare courses even if they are not accredited?

  • While accreditation may be important for some employers, the skills and knowledge gained from Skillshare courses can still be valuable for personal and professional development. It is up to the individual to weigh the potential benefits against the limitations of Skillshare’s courses.
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