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Americans Are Unhappy With Biden, Blame Immigration, Inflation Policies

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A new poll suggests President Joe Biden faces an uphill battle to win the 2024 election with one of the lowest approval ratings during his time in office.

What Happened: Biden recently announced plans to run for re-election in the 2024 election.

The decision could see a rematch of Biden against former President Donald Trump if both receive nominations from their respective parties.

While no major challenger has risen from the Democratic party, Biden could face struggles with his approval ratings below 50%.

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A new poll from Reuters/Ipsos shows Biden’s approval rating at 40% in recent days. This figure is close to the lowest level during Biden’s time in office according to the poll. The poll showed a slight improvement from the 39% approval rating last month.

Among the key items cited in the report for the weak approval rating are immigration and inflation and the way the president has handled the issues.

The poll saw the economy listed as the number one issue with inflation and rising interest rates mentioned.

Another key issue cited in the poll was the issue of immigration with the expiration of Title 42 potentially leading to a large number of migrants entering the U.S. from Mexico. In the poll, 54% of people were against increasing the number of immigrants allowed in the U.S. every year.

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On Biden’s immigration policies, only 26% agreed or showed support for them. In the poll, 66% of respondents support sending U.S. soldiers to the border to bolster current Border Patrol agents.

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Why It’s Important: The economy and immigration could become key areas of focus for the 2024 election and could see the Republican party attack Biden and sway independent voters.

With approval ratings near record lows, it could be a bad sign for Biden if he can’t win over independent voters.

Trump, who has previously announced his campaign for the 2024 election, has made immigration a key focus of his presidential bid.

The new poll comes shortly after a poll from the Washington Post and ABC News questioned the ages and mental capacity of both Biden and Trump.

In the poll, 32% said that Biden has the ability to mentally serve as the president. The same poll found 54% saying that Trump had the right mental capacity to be the president.

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On the physical side, 33% found Biden to be in “good enough physical health” versus 64% for Trump.

The poll found that 43% of Americans believe both Biden and Trump are too old to be the next president of the United States. Biden is 80 years old and Trump is 76 years old.

If the 2024 election features Biden against Trump, voters won’t have a choice in the decision of voting for a younger president.

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