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Beginners’ Digital Marketing Planning Process

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This article focuses on developing a digital marketing strategy and putting it into action for a firm.

Businesses cannot afford not to have a digital marketing strategy in this digital era since technology is rapidly impacting our professional and social lives. In reality, a company that does not have a digital marketing strategy is preparing to fail.

To be honest, some business owners are still confused about the need of having a digital marketing strategy for their company. However, the situation is very different for some company owners who already have a digital marketing plan in place but are dissatisfied and upset with the results, which fall well short of their expectations.


Process of Digital Marketing Planning

Follow the procedure detailed below to help your company grow and prosper online, whether you have a digital marketing strategy that is now active, a digital marketing plan that is not yet active, or you are in the process of building a digital marketing plan for your business. Many firms have found this method to be quite beneficial.


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Having said that, the procedure must be followed correctly to get favourable outcomes.

You are just a phrase away from effectively building your company online.

Create A Web Presence


You may build an online presence by creating a website, a blog, or a social media profile, or by listing your firm on local business directory websites. Businesses nowadays use these platforms to increase their digital presence.

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Without a question, having these digital marketing materials in your arsenal to boost your search exposure is highly advised. You should use every available channel to increase your web visibility. The more established your company is online, the better.


Registration Of A Domain Name


When selecting a domain name for your business, be sure that it includes keywords related to your expertise and city, not simply your company name. If you provide plumbing services in Toronto, your perfect domain name would be abcplumbingservicestoronto.com.


Making Content


Following the selection of your domain name, the next step is to create great content for your website, content that will attract qualified leads (prospects who will end up converting). The best way to create great content is to first conduct research on niche keywords and include these keywords throughout your text, particularly in the headings/subheadings, title, and meta description on your web pages.

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It’s also a good idea to include your company’s location in the above-mentioned categories. Keep in mind that ranking for your specialized keywords takes time – it’s not as straightforward as ABC. If you lack the technical knowledge to generate interesting content, hiring a content developer is a wise decision.

The king is the content!


Website Optimization


As soon as you have your content ready, employ a competent website developer who is also proficient in (on-page and off-page search engine optimization SEO) to create a user and mobile-friendly high-converting website for your company.

Take note of how I emphasized, “user” and “mobile friendly” – You want to ensure that your website provides a positive user experience. It is stated that humans have a seven-second attention span, which means you have seven seconds to capture the interest of your website visitors.

Having said that, employing a competent website developer with SEO expertise is less expensive than hiring a website developer and an SEO specialist individually. If you wish to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs), make sure your website is thoroughly optimized for search engines (on-page and off-page). A completely optimized website has a 90% chance of appearing in SERPs.


What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO? On-page SEO is when a website knows and speaks the language of search algorithms, but off-page SEO is when other websites convey signals (through votes) to search engines that your website has credibility.

Chances are your website will appear on SERPs as soon as your other websites begin delivering favourable signals to search engines about your website.

Examine the online and offline performance of your website. When your website is ready to go live, there are free tools available that you can use to test its performance as well as SEO.

Follow up on and fix any difficulties with your website, particularly issues such as the loading time of your landing pages, browser cache issues, header, alt-tags, and so on. I cannot emphasize how important it is to have your website thoroughly optimized for search engines.


Link Development


You’ve picked a good domain, built a high-converting website with outstanding content, and your website is properly optimized; now is the time to start developing links. Link building is a marketing approach (off-page SEO). It is the process of obtaining external websites with the authority to link to your website.

You can build links in a variety of ways, including submitting your website to business directory websites (citations), creating social media accounts and distributing content across social media platforms and other websites with high authority, optimizing press releases, social bookmarking, and so on.

These activities are aimed at obtaining “link juice,” which boosts the authority of your website (assuming the links are quality backlinks). Outreach (link building) is a difficult endeavour. Unless you are comfortable doing it yourself, you should delegate the work to your website developer. Additionally, make sure your firm is listed on Google My Business and Bing Places for Business and that it is optimized.


Marketing Using Search Engines and Social Media


At this point, launching a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign on Google AdWords and Facebook is an excellent approach to bolster your online marketing operations. It is critical to investigate ways to create quality visitors to your website, as this will aid in improving your search engine rating (if done properly).

If you are on a limited budget, you may begin with as little as a $50 monthly advertising expenditure. Trust me, it’s worth every cent because when you bring quality traffic to your website for your “target keywords,” your keywords’ quality score grows, and if done regularly, your webpages’ chances of ranking high on search engines improve.

Anyway, making an ad is one component of it; optimizing the ad wording is another critical aspect. You want to make sure that your focus keywords are relevant to the sites they are targeting. If your concentrate keywords are not related to the target sites, search engines such as Google may penalize your website.

Simply said, avoid attracting users who will leave your website, which is why it is vital to produce relevant adverts. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to create relevant adverts. Additionally, use social media sites to market your company.

Create a Facebook ad to advertise your company’s website. The amount of time individuals spend on social media platforms these days is overwhelming, which is why you should use this medium to promote your company.


The Google Search Console


Sign in to Google Search Console and learn the fundamentals. Follow the steps to boost your search visibility. If this is too technical for you, contact your website developer or digital marketing professional for help. This tool will not only provide you with insights into the performance of your website, but it will also walk you through how to repair any issues that may be affecting its performance.


Google Analytics


Sign in to Google Analytics and go through the setup steps. This tool will assist you in tracking critical data like conversion, customer interaction, page visits, and so on. With this application, you may track the performance of your online marketing initiatives, website content, and user experience. Essentially, you want to know which areas you need to improve to implement a solution.

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