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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Crypto adoption fueled by ZK-rollups

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Cointelegraph is launching Zero Barriers, a special six-part podcast series in collaboration with StarkWare. The series, which features as part of the Decentralize with Cointelegraph podcast, will explore the evolving world of zero-knowledge rollups (ZK-rollups) and the next steps for the adoption of blockchain technology.

Throughout the series, three different hosts from the Cointelegraph team will be joined by different guests from the StarkWare ecosystem. Zero-knowledge protocols or rollups have become a prominent layer-2 scaling feature in the crypto ecosystem, especially for the Ethereum blockchain.

In the first episode, titled: “How blockchain is taking on the world,” StarkWare CEO and co-founder Uri Kolodny sits down with its chief architect Eli Ben-Sasson to explore the future of Ethereum and why they believe in the success of blockchain technology. The episode is co-hosted with Nathan Jeffay of StarkWare.