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EP 017: Swing trading for a large chunk of the major trend, plus the one common trait of million dollar traders w/ @JasonLeavitt

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This week we’re chatting with equities trend trader, Jason Leavitt.

Like many who get into trading, Jason had no formal education in the field. Actually, prior to trading full time he was waiting tables in a restaurant and bartending.

This is where he began swing trading and to this day, Jason is still primarily a swing trader. Riding trends anywhere from a few days or a few weeks, sometimes it’s even a matter of months when his aim is to take out a large chunk of the move. Ultimately the market environment dictates his holding time.

This is somewhat similar to the way I like to trade, so I found many of the answers Jason gives out during this interview to be particularly interesting, and I’m sure you will too. Regardless of the time-frame you trade.

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Also, in the later part of this interview, Jason shares a story about the wildly successful independent traders he’s met, and the one standout trait they all have in common. Which is again, really insightful.

Q + A:

If you would like to ask Jason a question and get a few pointers – drop a comment at the bottom of this page and he’ll respond to you with an answer.

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