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EP 027: @JackSchwager shares the key lessons learned from many of the worlds greatest traders

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The chances are you’re already very familiar with this weeks guest, and if you’re not – then I’ll have to presume you’re new to the realm of trading.

Jack Schwager is the author of a number of widely acclaimed financial books, including the timeless Market Wizards series – commonly referred to as all time favourites by many of our past guests.

As well as a bestselling author, Jack is widely recognised as an industry expert on markets, hedge funds and trading advice. He’s also the co-founder of FundSeeder; a platform designed to find undiscovered trading talent, and connect successful traders with capital from investors.

During the interview we discuss Jack’s lifetime involvement with markets, some of the key lessons he learnt firsthand from interviewing many of the worlds greatest traders, and so much more…

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I hope you enjoy this interview, as much as I enjoyed hosting it. It was an absolute honour to speak with Jack for almost 90 minutes.

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