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EP 053: The Wild West of Trading – @BTCVIX takes us inside the realm of Bitcoin speculation

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This week I interviewed a short-term Bitcoin trader, who goes by the alias of ‘BTCVIX’.

As you can imagine, this episode is a little different – this is an area (or should I say, a market) we haven’t yet explored on the podcast, in past interviews.

With that being said, I found this discussion to be really interesting and I’m certain you will also. Some of the topics we spoke about include:

  • Why VIX went from initially trading stocks and options, into Bitcoin markets – the Wild West.
  • We spend plenty of time discussing the landscape of Bitcoin; about how the digital currency is ‘mined’, how inflation is hard coded in the ‘ledger’, and the real ‘counter-party risks’.
  • Changing the way you may think about consistency, and understanding non-linear outcomes within your trading results.

But that’s just a quick sample of topics ahead – hit the ‘play’ button to learn more about the deep realm of cryptocurrencies.


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