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EP 057: $500k of “beginner’s luck” and how to thrive as a part-time trader w/ Jesse aka @PsychoOnWallSt

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This week, I have a really interesting guest on the podcast; his name is Jesse, but in the Twittersphere he goes by @PsychoOnWallSt—a play on the cult film American Psycho.

A couple things you should know about Jesse, he made $500,000 in 90 days trading marijuana penny stocks, and then lost it all just as quickly (one wild story!)

He went from part-time to full-time trading, and for now, has returned to part-time trading with the results confirming this was a profitable move. He describes his approach as a hybrid between a day trader and a swing trader. And his motive for trading, is to one day open a fully-functional no-kill animal shelter—needless to say, I have a great amount of respect for Jesse. All of these topics and more are covered in-depth during the interview…


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