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Execute your Trading STRATEGIES at high speed with Easy Buyer – Trading Strategies – 2 May 2023

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The typical trader will always calculate the number of pips to take profit and stop loss, risk per trade and trade volume before a trade is executed, this process may cause traders to miss out on set-up and other opportunities which give traders an advantage when speed or timing is crucial. Easy Buyer is the most simplistic tool used by traders all over the world to easily place trades just with a click of a button. Easy Buyer is a premium software tool that was designed with the new generation user interface and simple operation mode to help users manage risk by using an advanced risk management algorithm to calculate risk per trade, stop loss, take profit and set up a trailing stop, equity stop and time stop seamlessly.

It features trade execution such as buy orders, sell orders, buy stop orders, sell stop orders, buy limit orders and sell limit orders, Easy Buyer has advanced features for trade monitoring and unique market analysis that will help traders get to their best performance. 

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Place Buy Order On one click

Place Sell Order On one click

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Use the Average True Range indicator to ascertain the best stop loss and Take Profit Points

Buy Stop pending order execution

Sell Stop pending order execution

Buy limit pending order execution

Sell limit pending order execution

Activate Trailing stop Per market move

Percentage risk per trade management system

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Advanced Equity Stop Operation

Time Stop Scheduling: time to start and end trade 

Spread range Regulator

Easy Trade Analysis

Easy-to-use interface

Ultra-Brilliant GUI

How to Use:

Drag and Drop Easy Buyer on Chart and Turn on Algo Trading.

Turn on, Allow Algo trading on Common Setting Menu Bar

Basic Settings:

On the input Setting, A Unique Magic Number should be given to EA and attached to chart Numbers Ranging from 1 – 1000000.

Slippage is the degree of allowable deviation that enables Algo trading software to execute a trade and beyond which trade operations won’t occur, this may be due to latency on the server or network-related issues. slippage is set to 10 pips.

Take profit and stop loss are in pips, while the fixed lot size set the lot size of each trade execution.

Risk Management

If Risk Management is On then the Fixed LotSize setting is void(Fixed lot won’t be used), risk management allows traders to set the percentage per trade of the capital before trade order execution, Lot sizes are calculated in relation to Equity, stop loss and tick value of a security. We set it to 3%, you may modify it according to your trading strategy.


Using ATR for trade limit enables traders to place take profit and stop loss according to the current volatility range. The average true range value is multiplied by the factor ATR_X_Takeprofit for take profit and ATR_X_Stoploss for Stoploss placement.

Trade Settings:


If the Market_ Order is turned on, it activates the Buy and Sell order buttons and allows traders to Place Buy and Sell orders.

If Pending Orders are turned on It allows for the execution of Buy Stop, Sell Stopl, Buy Limit and Sell Limit Orders.

The Pending Pips is the distance away from the current price for which pending orders are placed.

The Easy Buyer Also has a trailing stop system that enables traders to trail their stop loss at a set pip to the current price after a Minium set profit is made.


Equity Stop, Spread Stop and Time to trade Scheduling:

The Equity Stop Closes all trades when a specific amount of loss in equity is incurred during trading. to disable this function, the Use_Equity_Stop should be turned off.


The Spread Stop if turned on alerts the traders on the current Market spread and disallows trade execution when the market exceeds the spread range set by the trader.


The Time Stop is used for trade time Scheduling, it sets trade execution limits based on the start trade time and stops trade time set by the trader. It is a 24 hrs timer that uses the local time of the trader for time schedules. If the Use_Local_Time is off, the system uses server time.

Meta Trader 4 Version Available

 Get Meta Trader 5 Version

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