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From Decriminalization To Safety Concerns: Cannabis Developments In WA, Minnesota, Secret Service & More

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Washington Considers Special Session To Prevent Drug Decriminalization

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and lawmakers are considering a special session to address decriminalizing the possession of controlled substances after lawmakers failed to pass a bill in the regular session. As first reported by The Center Square, Gov. Inslee and some Republican lawmakers hope to get the necessary votes to pass a bill on this issue and ensure a consistent standard.

Chicago’s First Cannabis Manufacturer Focused On Social Equity Begins Operations

Chicago’s first social equity cannabis manufacturer, Baked Buds, opened its doors on the near West Side. The company’s Canna Werks gummies will be sold at dispensaries across the area. Baked Buds went through an extensive licensing process, capital concerns and government red tape before opening, which took more than two years. The company’s sales manager, Victoria Williams, hopes that the cannabis industry in Illinois will become accessible to everyone despite the industry’s lack of diversity, per CBS News.

Minnesota Legislators Address Safety Concerns After Legalization

Minnesota legislators are concerned about potential health and safety issues that may arise from the legalization of cannabis. According to Fox 9, Republican legislators have expressed concern over the lack of a breathalyzer for marijuana. However, unlike alcohol, there is no specific measurement of THC levels that prevent a person from driving. To address this issue, law enforcement is being trained to observe the driver’s ability to process information, which could be combined with a breathalyzer to detect impaired driving. Recent bills passed in Minnesota include funding for breathalyzer testing and better training for law enforcement.

Senate Fails To Pass Veterans Marijuana Research Bill

According to Military News, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee did not pass a veterans marijuana research bill that would require the Department of Veterans Affairs to study the effects of marijuana on veterans with chronic pain or PTSD. The proposed observational study would evaluate whether veterans reduce their use of opiates or alcohol as a result of using marijuana. The chairman of the committee is doubtful that negotiations will revive the bill.

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Buena Park Officials Consider Legalizing Cannabis Businesses

As Orange County’s Buena Park considers legalizing cannabis businesses and storefronts, city officials are expected to apply for a state cannabis grant to study this possibility, reported Voice of Oc. The grant would provide up to $1 million to conduct studies and research. While some council members are in favor of the grant, others such as Mayor Art Brown say the decision should be left to the voters. If the council moves in the direction of legalizing cannabis businesses, the process would not begin until at least 2024 or 2025.

US Secret Service Eases Rules On Past Marijuana Use For Job Applicants

The US Secret Service (USSS) has adopted a more flexible policy that would allow candidates to be eligible one year after they last consumed cannabis, regardless of age. Candidates who used federally legal CBD products within one year of their application will also be assessed on a case-by-case basis. As reported by Marijuana Moment, this move by the USSS is one of several federal agencies that have recently revised their cannabis rules for job applicants. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) also recently revised its cannabis rules for job applicants, making it so applicants who’ve grown, manufactured or sold marijuana in compliance with state laws while serving in a “position of public responsibility” will no longer be automatically disqualified.

Nevada Sports Regulators Propose To End Marijuana Penalties For Fighters

Nevada sports regulators have proposed a change to protect athletes from being penalized for using or possessing marijuana in compliance with state law. The proposal, which would codify a policy informally instituted in 2021, is part of a comprehensive review mandated by the governor. The Nevada State Athletic Commission unanimously voted to stop penalizing professional fighters for testing positive for marijuana in 2021, but the policy has not been integrated into code. The proposed amendment seeks to add language to carve out an exception for cannabis for fighters, per Marijuana Moment.

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