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How-To: Automate Notifications from MetaTrader to Discord – My Trading – 27 April 2023

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Are you looking for a way to send automated notifications from MetaTrader to a Discord channel? Here is your step-by-step guide:

  1. Pick the product that matches your version of MetaTrader:

    MT5 MT4
           [MT5]                [MT4]

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  2. Enable MetaTrader to send web requests to Discord:
    “Tools” menu → “Options” → “Expert Advisors” → check “Allow WebRequest for listed URL” and add “https://discord.com

  3. Find the webhook URL for your desired Discord channel, here’s an example on doing so: https://progr.interplanety.org/en/how-to-get-the-discord-channel-webhook-url/

  4. Attach the tool to the chart you want to monitor (or simply drag-and-drop on top of the chart area)

  5. In the Inputs section, enter the Discord Webhook and customize the settings to get notified when and how you prefer

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General Settings

  • Discord Webhook: the URL for the Webhook to your channel

  • Magic numbers filter:

    • Enter a comma-separated list of magic numbers (e.g., “11111, 22222, 33333”)

    • Or use “ALL” to avoid filtering

  • Symbol filter

    • Enter a comma-separated list of symbols (e.g., “EURUSD,GOLD,[DJI30]”)

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    • Or use “ALL” to avoid filtering

  • Time format: pick your preferred format

  • Force pip value: force your own pip value

  • Pip value: custom pip value


Screenshot Settings

Messages Formats

  • Customize your message in this section

  • You can enter a mix of text and placeholders to build your messages

  • Use “\n” for a new line

  • Placeholders are all capitalized and will be replaced with the corresponding order information. You can use the you can use the following data points:

    • [TYPE] → Order type

    • [TIME] → Time stamp for the corresponding change in state (created, modified, etc.)

    • [SYMBOL] → Order symbol

    • [TICKET] → Order ticket

    • [SL] → Order stop loss

    • [TP] → Order take profit

    • [SLPIP] → Order stop loss in pips

    • [TPPIP] → Order take profit in pips

    • [ENTRY] → Entry price

    • [RRR] → Risk to reward ratio

    • [LOTSIZE] → Lot size

    • [PROFIT] → Trade profit

    • [PROFITPIP] → Profit in pips

    • [REASON] → Order reason

    • [RISK] → Risk involved in trade  

    • [RISKACCOUNTPERCENTAGE] → Risk involved in trade based on account percentage

Happy trading!

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