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If You Invested $100 In Pepe Coin On April 17, Here’s How Much You’d Have Today

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One of the most talked about altcoins in April has been PEPE token PEPE/USD, a coin based on the popular Pepe the Frog meme. Here’s a look at how much investing in Pepe when it became a trending topic on social media would be worth today.

What Happened: Pepe coin launched in mid-April and quickly soared in value. Unlike many meme coins that have come and gone, the cryptocurrency has gained in holders, value and popularity. Many early investors have made large returns on their investments.

Several investors got into PEPE token before it began trending on social media and before it was tracked on cryptocurrency sites like Coinmarketcap.

On April 17, the coin took off and PEPE started to trend on Twitter, where hundred of people tuned into several Twitter Spaces to find out more about the coin.

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The coin is based on the Pepe the Frog meme created by artist Matt Furie. Because the meme is so well known, the coin has a built-in fan base and has seen continued interest.

Investors and holders are also hoping that PEPE gets picked up by cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Investing $100 in PEPE Coin: While the earliest investors in PEPE coin have turned their small investments into millions of dollars, many have struggled to cash out due to the coin’s low liquidity and the growing threat of a price crash as more coins have been sold. Several early investors have been able to cash out some, if not all, of their holdings.

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Investors who just started following PEPE as it trended on social media, however, could have still seen a huge return on their investment if they had cashed out today.

PEPE traded between $0.00000002764 and $.00000007957 on April 17. The coin opened for trading that morning at $.00000005685.

A $100 investment at the opening price could have purchased 1,759,014,951.63 PEPE.

Based on a price of $0.0000004055 for PEPE at the time of writing, the $100 would be worth $713.28 today.

This represents a return of 613.3% in less than two weeks.

While the price of PEPE might not hold in the coming months, it could increase based on the number of people who invest in it and the coin’s potential inclusion in cryptocurrency exchanges. 

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