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In the material at https://mql5.com/en/blogs/post/752655 | response to comments, there is the following new comment

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In the material at


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  • SMART Pattern In ONE Indicator [a collection of reversal, trend, and sideways patterns in one indicator].

  • SMART Control PANEL Experts [control open Buy/Sell, Stop/Limit orders, shift Open/Order & TP/SL on the chart].

On one of the products,  that has been downloaded so far

There is the following new comment:

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We have responded directly to the customer by providing the best possible explanation. We kindly ask that the commenter read our response to their original comment, located in the comments section above.

One thing that newcomers should understand is the file upload rules for sellers, which limits them to uploading only one file per product. This means that if a seller wants to offer multiple indicator products, they must register each one separately. For example, if there are two indicator parts in a single algorithm package, the seller must register the sales of each part as separate products. Additionally, each product must have a minimum price of $30, according to MQL5’s minimum pricing requirements.

One of the ways we try to help consumers avoid spending extra money on supporting components is by including them in the “Free” column, as part of the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” package. These supporting components are also part of several core programs that are offered for a fee. By doing this, every member of every product we offer can take these supporting components for free. However, to continue using these components, they must meet the activation requirements of one of the core products.

We hope that newcomers who wish to download the free components will understand this system. We also want to assure customers that we released a beta version a few weeks prior, which can be activated for a month without any obligation to purchase from us. We have included the link to this beta version in our response to the original commenter’s harsh comment at the beginning of this thread. Thanks

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