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Kumarion And Smoakland Present ‘High Rollers EP,’ An Unforgettable, Cannabis-Infused Dance Music Experience

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In the pulsating world of electronic dance music, where beats race like the human heart and bass notes shake the very ground, an unexpected but exciting collaboration is hitting the decks. Kumarion, the drum & bass sensation, and Smoakland, the explosive dubstep duo, are joining forces to unleash a power-packed High Rollers EP that promises to be an adrenaline-fueled experience for dance music fans. This unique blend of styles, a fusion of distinctive soundscapes from two rising stars, is set to debut on Zed Dead’s Deadbeats on May 12th, 2023.

From the rhythmic thrum of the Seattle rain, emerges the beat wizard known as Kumarion. Born Omar Kadmiri, this prodigious talent has been redefining the drum & bass genre since 2015. His music, a vivid tapestry of sound interwoven with elements from his North African/Middle Eastern heritage, resonates with fans around the world. The distorted sine compression bass and sinister reeses that characterize Kumarion’s sound have found their way into popular tracks like “Want It,” which has already clocked over 4.2 million streams on Spotify.

Kadmiri’s journey into the realms of sound has seen him garner support from industry heavyweights such as RL Grime and earn a coveted spot on Billboard’s list of 10 Dance Artists to Watch in 2022. As he continues his sonic exploration in 2023 and beyond, fans can expect more genre-defying releases.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, where the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash against the shores, Smoakland, the thrilling dubstep duo, is setting the dance music scene ablaze. Comprising Anthony Battaglia and Harrison Hays, Smoakland is a testament to the raw energy and free spirit that the West Coast is famous for.

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This Bay Area duo met at Boise State University and later reunited to pursue their shared passion for music. With Anthony’s production skills complementing Harry’s DJ prowess, they formed Smoakland in 2018. Their inspiration? A love for Bay Area weed and dubstep. The duo’s unique blend of nostalgic “Old School” Dubstep, characterized by distinctive sound design, fat bass, and rhythmic melodies, draws inspiration from artists like Zeds Dead, Eptic, and Mersiv.

With notable achievements such as attracting 15,000 attendees at their Electric Forest debut, a recent performance at the iconic Red Rocks as Liquid Smoak, and their Deadbeats EP “Smoak Sesh” hitting No. 1 on Beatport Dubstep in Fall 2022, Smoakland is a force to be reckoned with. Their fame has reached international shores, earning them a feature in UKF’s “Who the Hell is Smoakland.”

Check out the new EP on Spotify.

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