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The core principle of trading is to buy commodities at a low price and sell them at a high price.

In the foreign exchange market, millions of traders all over the world contest for the best opportunities of which timing, market entry and exit decision-making are the most essential skills. To be ahead in the market requires artistry in data manipulation, rational speculation and precision. Algorithmic trading involves the use of data, algorithms, and technical and predictive tools to build an accurate correlation that aids in trading operations.

Full stack Expert Advisor Programming For Meta trader 4

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Without ambiguity, Raphael throws more light on how to build a robust trading algorithm that will help you enhance trading success in the foreign exchange market. This book welcomes both beginners and experts, you will learn about the fundamentals of the Mql4 language, the perfect model for a trading system, advanced trading algorithm and operations, the use of price data, technical analytics for market analysis and many special features.

After studying this book, you will able to do the following:

  • Learn how to use the order reverse strategy to recover from trade operations that fail to correlate with predictive analysis.
  • It is well known that price action is king amongst trades, learn how to use price data and candle stick patterns to confirm market entry.
  • Learn how to code advanced trade operations such as multiple trade order management, modification of market and pending order, deleting pending orders, closing market orders, Error handling and more.
  • Learn how to protect your equity using trade risk management. This concept uses more resources to trade as your account size grows and commits fewer resources if the reverse is the case.
  • Know more on how to use the trailing stop Algorithm and break even Stop strategy to minimize losses and scalp profit.
  • Develop predictive Market analysis and signal using the most popularly used indicators such as Moving Average, Average True Range, Relative strength index, Bollinger band, stochastic indicator, Moving Average Convergence and Divergence indicator and many more.
  • Use martingale and dynamic lot sizing for trade recovery.
  • Use the Average true range to place take profit and stop loss trade limits
  • Use the Fibonacci object, upper and lower trend lines, and horizontal and vertical lines to analyse support and resistance patterns
  • Compare and design accurate signals using the multi-timeframe algorithmic strategy on M1, M5, M30, H1 and D1.
  • Set up algorithms that commence trade operation at the specific times when the market is stable and at a specific spread range.
  • Develop trade signals using single and multiple indicators for signal filter and confirmation.
  • Develop different types of expert advisors Such as Market order EA, Buy Stop/ Sell Stop Pending order EA and Buy Limit/ Sell Limit Pending order EA.
  • Test the durability of your Trading System using the Strategy tester and history centre.

You will also understand the need for planning designing and using your creativity to build a reliable system. Practical knowledge will always give a better experience.

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