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Liar, Liar? Justice Department Charges Rep. George Santos: Report

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The U.S. Department of Justice filed charges on Tuesday against Rep. George Santos, according to a report from CNN.

Because the charges are still under seal, the exact nature is unknown, but the report speculates that it might stem from a pattern of false statements in Santos’s financial reports as well as other claims. 

Santos built an infamous reputation in a short time on Capitol Hill through his various claims that appear to be untrue.

For example, Santos said he was a volleyball star at Baruch College and graduated in 2010. But representatives from the school said there were no records of him being in class, or on the volleyball team.

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Santos represents a district that partially includes Queens and Long Island, New York. 

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In addition to the white lies about his past, Santos has been accused of breaking campaign finance laws, falsifying financial statements and more.

Santos admits to spreading falsehoods about his past, such as the Baruch tales, but denies more serious accusations such as breaking campaign finance laws.

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Despite many calls for him to step down from his position, Santos said he will remain in office. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy weighed in, saying he will review the charges before determining whether or not to ask Santos to step down. Many Democrats and a few Republicans had previously asked Santos to step down. These calls could increase with the Department of Justice’s new charges. 

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