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Monday April 24, 2023 Weekly Market Rundown and What We Can Anticipate with Responsible Day Trading

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Apr 25, 2023


Hello my friends! I hope that everyone I doing well and is being patient in these slow, low volume times.  I know that it can be super hard to sit on your hands to wait for the proper entry—or to keep yourself from pressing the button when it’s gone too far and leaves your risk in an awful place.  But learning these lessons and training yourself to behave in the proper way when it comes up, is vital. 

Now, with volume being really low and still being below an area that we would like to see the market break through—things have been moving SUPER slow. We’ve seen the price go above and below the EMAs and the Zero line several times on our 10946, which shifts the direction several times.  This makes it hard to trust the price to bounce off the area when it pulls back to the EMAs and will make you pay much closer attention to the MACD dots and how they are behaving. 

Paying close attention to these can keep you on the right side of things and let you know if the area is anticipated to hold or to break.  So, don’t get sucked in to all the reversal bars that are happening if you don’t have the MACDs in agreement!  Just a great rule of thumb when you see low volume and whippiness in the price. 

Well folks that is going to wrap it up!  We’re working hard over here so that our seminar folks have the best experience ever!  If you’d like to join, just reach out and we’ll be happy to have you!  Much love my friends and stay safe in that market out there this week. 

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