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Multi-account multi-function Copier detailed documentation – My Trading – 6 May 2023

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== Powerful function ==

1. Support multiple signal sources; (multiple signal sources can be allocated with you)

2. Support multi-account follow-up (can be assigned to multiple accounts to follow, according to computer configuration)

3. Support order binding function (bind the order number input of any order to the signal source order list to follow the signal source to close the position, very powerful, you can bind manual orders or even all orders to any signal to close the position together, let EA take over)

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4. Support the operation of reducing the number of lots (reducing the position of the master account follows the reduction, and rejecting a single order cannot reduce the position)

5. Support the setting of lot size mode (it can be set according to the fixed lot size or according to the risk of its own account funds and the proportion of funds in the source account), and supports the setting of opening and closing positions

6. Support reverse follow-up (the signal source operation is reversed, followed by closing positions, stop loss and profit do not follow the application of complex scenarios)

7. Support various order screening (you can filter comments, identification codes, varieties, lot size, etc.)

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8. The number of copies of part of the order can support four modes for copying operations, and the number of hands can choose its own calculation mode.

9. Support personalized copy settings, different signal personalized copy settings, you can formulate copy lot rules according to signal sources, you can formulate forward and reverse copy orders according to signal sources, and you can specify comment content according to signals.

10. Support personalized copy order setting 2. Different varieties can be personalized with order settings. You can set the lot mode according to local varieties, and you can specify forward and reverse copy orders, notes, etc. according to local varieties, and customize your powerful personal strategy

11. Support the choice of whether to follow the four types of pending orders, support the choice of whether to follow the order for long and short, and support the choice of whether to follow the stop loss and profit.

12. Support various personalized functions such as comment clearing and designation.

13. Support the automatic matching of the signal variety name to the documentary variety name, and support the random change from the signal source to the receiving end. The receiving end is mapped to GBPUSD, which can realize your diversification strategy. (Double-click the receiving end variety name to pop up a selection box to modify)

14. Support the setting of working hours, and follow up the order according to the set working hours

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15. Support risk control function.

Note: There will be no missing tracking in this order tracking system. If you find any missing orders, please read the following setting instructions carefully. The missing orders are all caused by the set restrictions or filters. Please read carefully before setting these filter or limit functions. .For some unpopular futures varieties, such as crude oil virtual currency index, etc., please open the corresponding price range and set it to unlimited to copy all orders.

1. Installation



The first step is to install, check to allow real-time transactions

The second step is to choose to load the receiving end or the sending end according to your own needs.

Step 3 After setting, click OK to load.

At least one sender, one receiver, and one account need to be loaded once without special scenarios.

A account loads the sender, B account loads the receiver….

Note: If account B is also loaded with the sending end, the receiving end of account B will not receive the signal from its own account, preventing the endless loop of copying and causing financial losses.

MT4, MT5 are multi-open, just copy the MT4 MT5 folder.

Detailed description of the basic documentary settings page.

接收端 首页

1 Copying operation switch ON->open OFF->close

2 Need to choose the type of follow-up order -> You can freely choose the type of pending order to follow, the choice of long-short follow-up order, and whether to copy the stop loss and take-profit while copying the order

3 Lighten up function: Choose whether to follow the master account to lighten up

4 Restrictions on opening positions after closing positions: In principle, orders that have been followed will not continue to be followed, and copying is one-to-one. However, if you need it, there is no signal order corresponding to the position order (after the copying order has been placed) In the case of closing the position) re-open the order.

Generally, this function is applicable to the scene where you close the copy order by yourself, or after you close the copy order for some other reasons, you want to continue to open the position to make up for it.

5 reverse copy: reverse copy

6 Comments: Provide comments selection 1. Whether to follow the comment of the signal 2. Can be commented as the order number of the followed signal 3. Can leave a blank comment

7 Prompt switch button: When the mouse hovers over some module areas, when this button is turned on, there will be a floating box to prompt the content. It is turned on by default

8 lot setting module:

①.Multiplier Copy -> The number of copies of the order = the set magnification * the number of hands of the signal order

② Fixed lot size copying -> Copying lot size = the set fixed lot size

③. Adaptive risk copying-> copying lot = self-owned funds of the copying account / 10000.0 * risk coefficient (according to the fund calculation standard entry lot of the own account, you can change whether the fund is associated with the net value or the associated balance, and set the risk The coefficient controls the size of the copy lot)

④ Proportion of source funds to copy orders -> Copy lot size = (signal source order size * copy source account funds/receiving end account funds) that is, the matching calculation of lot size is based on the ratio of signal and receiving end fund hands

⑤.Stop-loss risk follow-up -> This module can be checked and canceled, and it is relatively independent from the previous four modes. Because there will be situations where stop-loss does not exist, stop-loss risk cannot be calculated, so the lot calculation rule is if there is no stop-loss In the case that the number of hands cannot be calculated due to the risk of stop loss, the number of hands calculated in the 4-to-1 mode will still be used for copying.

Stop loss risk lot = Assuming that after the stop loss when the order is placed, the inversely calculated order number is stopped, and the amount after the stop loss is equal to the set risk factor/100.0*receiving end funds.

The control is the fixed amount after the stop loss.

9 Fixed stop loss and take profit settings: This function can only be used after closing the stop loss and take profit copy function.

10 Entry limit module area for opening positions:

①. Point difference limit for opening positions. By default, it is not checked. After checking, you can set the point difference when opening a position. Only within the point difference range is it allowed to follow the order.

②. Opening time limit: Orders within the default limit time range of 300 seconds will be copied. It is checked by default. After checking, the signal source order is allowed to be copied within 300 seconds after opening a position, preventing long-term time-limited orders from participating in the follow-up one

If the check box is removed, the order opening time of the signal source is not limited, and all signal source orders will be involved in the copy order. Please be cautious according to your own usage scenarios.

③. Opening price range limit: This limit is checked by default. If there is no limit on profit, all signal source orders for opening positions in transactions will be matched and copied, which will cause the situation that the opening price far away from the signal will still open the position Appears, but the price difference of some platforms will cause this function to limit the copy order by mistake. If the price difference between the copy order and the signal variety is too large, please remove the check

This limit price opening provides 3 limit modes ->

Price range limit: The current opening price of the receiving end is within the set point range of the opening price of the signal source order, and the position will not be opened if it exceeds.

Advantage price copy order: The opening price of the receiving end should be higher than the opening price of the signal source order, otherwise the position will not be opened. In the subsequent fluctuations, the profit of the receiving end is greater than that of the signal source order, which has the advantage of entry price.

Inferior price copy order: the opening price of the receiving end is lower than the opening price of the signal source order, otherwise the position will not be opened. That is, the position will be closed at the same position after the position is opened. The loss is more than that of the signal source order;

④. The unit of the opening price setting is points, please set according to the points, click the right arrow on the right to appear the point correction window, you can correct the points of the corresponding product (for example, there is a difference between three digits and two digits in gold, Gold has a built-in correction, and some other varieties may also have this problem. When gold is in three digits, its points are different from those of other general varieties)

11. Signal source account list -> support multiple signal accounts, you can freely choose which signal to copy, of course you need to load the sender of the corresponding signal. The signal list will not be automatically refreshed when the copy is turned on, and when it is in the OFF state to follow The single not running signal list will be automatically refreshed according to whether there is a signal.

Select the signal, and the variety mapping table on the right will also be refreshed.

12. The mapping table between documentary varieties and signal varieties is determined by the selected signal source account of 11. When signal 1 is selected, the output of signal 1 varieties will be displayed.

In the mapping table, you can check the varieties to be copied, and the default copy is checked by default.

Generally, the signal source variety and the receiving end variety can be automatically matched, but some varieties such as crude oil virtual currency futures may have very different names, and it is also possible that the receiving end of some varieties does not support transactions (blocking does not support trading varieties, not Supported trading varieties will not be able to be selected.) If you want to modify the matching variety by yourself, you can double-click the copy variety to pop up a selection box to modify the variety.

The S/C button can cancel all selections with one key, or check all signal types with one key.

The reload button can re-match the mapping variety, preventing the problem of resetting the workload due to random selection of mapping varieties due to personal reasons, one-click reset matching

Save: Save the mapping settings, usually automatically saved, no need to click

.suffix input box setting, the input box is the meaning of the input suffix, it can also be understood that the matching varieties are too similar, you can input the suffix to match first, after multiple matching optimizations, this input box seems tasteless, and it is basically useless.

It can support a lot of application scenarios. For example, if you want to place an order with a signal source of type S, it can be perfectly synchronized with a single party’s order of type Z (cancel the opening price limit)

13. Message output box. Output some prompt information.

14. Advertisement rotation position, also double-click to copy the link or set the content

15. Time display.

16. Server delay display.

17. Click to open the signal source order display window, order binding function, and risk control settings, etc.

18. Click to open more personalized settings, customize your own different strategy documentary scenarios. Personalized and rich

Documentary signal filtering function area


1. Note filtering. Supports two modes of filtering ① Only allow notes added in the table below to be copied; ② Forbid notes entered in the list below to copy

2. Identification code screening. Two modes of screening are supported ① Only the identification codes added in the table below are allowed to copy orders ② The identification codes entered in the list below are prohibited from copying orders

3. Signal source screening. Supports two modes of screening ① Only allow copying of the lot range added in the table below ② Prohibit copying of the lot range entered in the list below (can prevent sudden increase in the signal, etc.)

4. Local variety screening. Supports two modes of screening ① Only allow the varieties added in the table below to copy orders ② Forbid the varieties entered in the list below to copy orders (the mapping table checks the variety of the signal source. Here is the local variety, can be set according to your needs)

5. Mandatory conversion of special varieties. It is similar to the modification rules of the mapping table. It can be set by hand.

Powerful personalized follow-up strategy settings


1. According to the signal source account, set different lot calculation modes, follow-up direction, etc. The detailed explanation of the mode is the same as the basic setting.

2. According to the name of the local variety, specify various personalized calculation modes of different lots, and the order direction, comments, etc. The detailed explanation of the mode is the same as the basic setting.

Set the working time range of copying

time personalization area

In the time personalization area, multiple time filtering/allowing filtering strategies can be set, and you can choose whether to stop copying only, that is to say, orders that we have followed orders outside the time range can continue to be closed.

Setting area, position opening reminder setting, language setting, maximum lot size setting for opening order, etc.


1. Prompt output for opening and closing positions carried out with orders. Supports selection of printing, alarm, EMAIL, etc.

2. Support language switching, currently supports automatic recognition of Chinese and English, generally do not touch it, unless you want to change the text environment.

3. A setting of the variety mapping table, you can set the variety list selection in the selection box that pops up by double-clicking in the variety mapping table. By default, only the visible varieties of the market varieties on the left will pop up, but you may need to select the invisible ones. You can set it here and double-click again The selection box pops up, and you can also add the varieties you need to select in the visible varieties in the market, and double-click again in the same way.

4. Copy order speed selection. At present, this function does not need to be selected by default. (Because of the optimization of copy order priority, important things such as copy order opening and closing enter the highest priority high-speed queue, and such as stop loss and take profit The mobile follow-up order and the move price of the pending order are placed in the echelon with lower priority. You can ignore this setting, but you are just too lazy to delete it. At the same time, it reminds the optimization of the version. Currently, the follow-up order plan has queue priority)

5. The local maximum lot size and minimum lot size setting. The lot size for opening positions will also consider the minimum opening lot size and the maximum opening lot size allowed by the platform. The setting options here can choose to filter the lot size that exceeds or is less than the range and no longer follow the order. You can also choose Copy orders are limited to this range of lots. Generally, it is to prevent the number of lots calculated by the proportion of the original signal account and the number of lots calculated by the risk of stop loss. The calculated lot may exceed a certain value. You can choose this function according to your own strategy. If you don’t need it temporarily, ignore it.

Signal order display table and powerful order binding function, order closing area


1. Because it is the weekend and there is no order displayed today, double-click in the binding table to enter any order you want to bind, and the output box will prompt you whether the binding is successful (wrong order number will naturally not bind successfully), After success, regardless of the manual order or the order made by EA, you can bind any signal order to close the position (personalized function)

Others This area is mainly to display the order list of signal sources. Any checked signal source can find orders here, and can be queried to check whether the order has been copied.

In order to prevent resource occupation, the default here is manual refresh, and you can set whether to automatically refresh according to your own needs.

2. In the position closing area, you can choose whether to close the order associated with the signal source or not. You can choose according to the content of the selection box

Risk control function.


Slightly, the text is relatively simple and easy to understand, omitting explanation…

(from google translate……)

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