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Musk Expresses Concern Over Federal Reserve’s Decision-Making Latency Impacting Broader Economy – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

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Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk shared his concerns about the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, stating that the institution has been too slow to increase interest rates and will likely be too slow to decrease them in the upcoming months.

In a conversation with CNBC’s David Faber on Tuesday, Musk shed light on his thoughts about the Fed’s decision-making process and how it might impact the broader economy.

“The Federal Reserve was slow to raise interest rates, and they’re gonna be slow to lower them,” Musk told CNBC. “My concern with the way the Federal Reserve is making decisions is they’re operating with too much latency. The data is somewhat stale.”

Musk’s comments provide insight into the perspective of a prominent business leader who oversees multiple companies, including Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter.

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The Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate by 0.25% to a target range of 5% to 5.25% on May 3. This marks the 10th interest rate hike in just over a year. Fed officials have hinted that they may soon halt the rate increases.

According to Musk, the next 12 months could prove challenging for Tesla and other businesses due to the macroeconomic implications of rising interest rates affecting consumer budgets.

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“You can think of raising the Fed rate as somewhat of a brake pedal on the economy, frankly,” the Tesla CEO said. “It makes a lot of things more expensive. So if the car payment or your home mortgage is absorbing more of your monthly budget then you have less money to buy other things.”

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Musk’s remarks suggested that other companies selling high-priced luxury items may also experience a decline in demand in the coming months.

As the leader of multiple companies across various industries, Musk’s perspective on the broader economy is valuable for understanding how the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy might impact consumer behavior and business performance.

While the Federal Reserve’s primary goal is to promote economic growth and stability, Musk’s comments highlighted concerns that the institution’s decision-making process might be too slow and reliant on outdated information.

As interest rates continue to rise, businesses and consumers alike will be keeping a close watch on the Federal Reserve’s actions and their potential impact on the economy.

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