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National Security Adviser Warns World War III May Not Involve Guns And Bombs, But Biological And Computer Viruses

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Amid escalating tensions, the next global conflict, potentially instigated by the likes of Russia or China, may not involve conventional warfare but could see the use of biological and computer viruses, an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal mentioned.

Potential Biological Warfare

Richard A. Muller, the author and a former advisor at Jason National Security, said that a deadly virus could be weaponized for war, with the aggressor nation first immunizing its own population. Muller is currently a professor of physics emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley.

The virus would need to be optimized to reduce the chance of mutation and incorporate an immune suppression gene to facilitate spread by asymptomatic carriers. For a covert attack, the virus would likely be released in the target country, possibly near a biological facility to create the illusion of a domestic program leak.

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Cyber Attacks

Alongside a biological attack, a cyber attack could target critical infrastructure like hospitals, energy grids, and water supplies. The aim would be to create maximum disruption while maintaining the illusion that war hasn’t begun. The attacker might even falsely claim their own systems are under attack, furthering the misdirection.

Deterring and Responding to Attacks

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Deterrence will require a clear promise to respond to aggression. In the event of such an attack, correctly identifying the perpetrator is crucial. Defensive measures include rapid vaccine development and strengthening cyber defenses. If deterrence fails, possible responses could include asset confiscation and a strong cyberattack capability aimed at the enemy’s military and industry.

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