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Never miss a trade again | AlgoTrading Trendlines and Support and Resistance (FULL CODE) – Trading Systems – 28 April 2023

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Never miss a trade again… the power of Algo Trading.

Automating our trading not only helps take out chances of missing when our set ups appear in the market but also illiminates human errors and subjectiveness as the expert advisor will follow the profitable trading strategy to the letter without fail in the forex market.

This particular video looks at the entire Coding of a Tool, where you can place ANY line (trendline, support and resistance etc) on the chart and set up criteria on how you want to trade that line (on the break to the upside or downside), set up Stop Loss and Take Profit and then the system monitors the line and when the line is broken, the system takes the trade based on the lotsize, SL and TP provided by user.

Full coding shared and EXPLAINED.

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In our series, we not only look at traditional indicators like moving averages (both SMA and EMA), RSI, MACD, ATR, ADX, Bollinger bands, Ichimoku cloud etc and use algotrading in MQL5 to automate our forex trading robots, but we also code support and resistance levels, trendlines, pivot points, chart patterns, candle patterns, price action for daytrading and swingtrading.

Stay tuned, a lot more coming.

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