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Oregon Certifies First Psychedelics-Assisted Therapy Center In The Nation

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Oregon has been at the forefront of psychedelics since the passage of Measure 109 creating legal psilocybin-assisted service centers for adults as early as 2020. On Friday, state regulators approved the country’s first license for a psilocybin service center where people can use psychedelics in a supervised and facilitated environment, reported Marijuana Moment. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) awarded the license to EPIC Healing Eugene.

The facility, named EPIC Healing Eugene, will hold legal psilocybin administration and supervision to patients in need. Although interested parties do not need a specific diagnosis or prescription, one preparation session before the supervised psilocybin administration is mandatory, integration being optative.

“This is such a historic moment as psilocybin services will soon become available in Oregon, and we appreciate the strong commitment to client safety and access as service center doors prepare to open,” Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) Section Manager Angie Allbee said in a press release.

Facilitators must hold their own license and psilocybin products sold at the service centers must be produced by a licensed manufacturer and tested at a licensed lab. 

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This is how the state’s legal scheme has been designed. Although there is a scope for earnings as each center and facilitator will be able to set their costs.

For the moment, the state authority has issued three manufacturer’s licenses, one lab license, five facilitator’s licenses, and 84 worker permits, plus as many as 168 incomplete applications and a total 342 submitted applications to date, additional licenses of each category are expected to be issued in the coming months. 

Photo: Benzinga edit with photo by Pexels.

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