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Ozempic Weight Loss Pill Shows Promise — But Injection Remains Convenient Choice

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Pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk is set to introduce a pill version of its popular weight-loss drug, Ozempic. However, the convenience of a pill may be overshadowed by the requirement of daily fasting and potential for misuse.

What Happened: The pill version of Ozempic, known as semaglutide, has shown promising results in late-phase trials, achieving similar weight loss results to the injectable version, Insider reports. However, the pill requires a specific daily routine, including taking it on an empty stomach and waiting at least 30 minutes before consuming any beverages or food. This regimen led to 12 out of 334 participants in the trial quitting early due to the inconvenience.

Why It Matters: The development of a pill version of Ozempic is significant given the growing market for weight-loss treatments. As Benzinga reported, Novo Nordisk announced promising weight-loss results from a late-stage trial of a high-dose oral drug semaglutide, leading to an average weight loss of 15.1% in overweight or obese adults.

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However, the convenience of a pill form may not outweigh the potential for misuse and the inconvenience of the required daily routine. Furthermore, the pill form of the drug could be easier to abuse, with easy access for people with eating disorders, as Benzinga reported.

Despite the potential for weight loss, the ultimate goal should be overall health. The weight-loss drugs alone do not guarantee good health, and exercise and nutrition still matter. Rapid weight loss can lead to loss of lean muscle mass, making strength training especially important. A balanced diet is also necessary to provide nutrients and fuel the body.

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