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Playing Windows Games On Mac Just Got Better With Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit Update – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Apple Inc. AAPL has recently rolled out an update to its Game Porting Toolkit, designed to enhance performance for Windows games running on a Mac. This tool was introduced at the WWDC 2023 to demonstrate how Microsoft MSFT Windows-developed games could be executed on a Mac, incorporating features like an emulation interface to give developers a sense of the macOS gameplay experience.

What Happened: Apple has released an updated Game Porting Toolkit Beta 1.0.2, after the first public release on June 30th. Andrew Tsai first reported about it on YouTube on Tuesday, and although Apple did not provide explicit information about the changes, the toolkit has been significantly enhanced.

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Notably, Apple’s instructions in the first update erroneously labeled it as version 1.0 instead of 1.0.2 and only included installation details, leaving out upgrading instructions.

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A clear indication of the update comes from the Rosetta line in the game statistics panel, now labeled as “v0.2”, which was excluded in the first release. Furthermore, the updated version is nearly half the size of the original, shrinking from 53.4 MB to 27.9 MB.

Nat Brown, an Apple engineering manager in charge of the toolkit, revealed that the update addressed issues related to 32-bit support, rendering, and performance, and improved overall stability. There was an initial plan to include change logs, but this didn’t happen due to time constraints.

Noticeable Performance Improvements: Performance improvements are noticeable, though they fluctuate between different games and chips. For instance, Tsai noticed a 20% improvement in “Elden Ring” performance on an M1 Max, while “Arkham Knight” maintained the same performance level. Remarkably, on the high-end M2 Ultra, “Cyberpunk 2077” managed to double its frame rate under the new toolkit.

The update has also resolved stability issues: certain games that would crash when playing video cutscenes with specific codecs now operate smoothly.

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Despite these enhancements, Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit remains primarily a tool for developers, not a consumer gaming product. 

Nonetheless, its improvements inadvertently make playing Windows games on a Mac more accessible for the public. Yet, Apple continues to view it as a development aid rather than a consumer product.

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