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Skyrocket Your Trading With “Mentorship Program” – Analytics & Forecasts – 1 May 2023

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If you are a trader who is looking to become a Professional, then you may be interested in the “Mentorship Program”. This program is designed to help traders learn advanced trading concepts combined with proper risk management. The program is delivered through Telegram and is not a group, which means that it is a 1:1 Mentorship Program.


The program is structured in such a way that the student takes their own trades on a demo account, and i revise those trades every day. The student can learn from their own mistakes and get better day by day until they manage to be steadily profitable. This approach is particularly effective because it allows the student to apply the lessons they are learning in real-time, and to see the results of their trades immediately.

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The program is ideal for traders who are serious about becoming professional traders and are willing to put in the time and effort to learn. The program is suitable for traders of all levels, whether you are a beginner who is just starting out or an experienced trader who wants to improve their skills.


In addition to the basic trading concepts and risk management, the “Mentorship Program” also covers other important topics that are essential for traders looking to take their trading to the next level. These topics include learning how to read the market bias, perform top-down analysis, and how to eliminate emotions from your trading.

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Emotions can be a major obstacle for traders, often leading to impulsive and irrational decisions. The program teaches students how to recognize and eliminate emotions from their trading by using a systematic approach. This involves developing a trading plan, setting clear goals and objectives, and sticking to a disciplined trading strategy.


Overall, the Program offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to learning how to trade forex. With its focus on risk management, market bias, top-down analysis, and emotional control, the program provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful traders.

Students who enroll in the Program will also receive the “HPZ Mentoship Tips & Tricks” e-book FOR FREE.

If you would like to enroll “MENTORSHIP PROGRAM” please send me an email and i would be happy to assist you.

email:  high.probability.zones.trading@gmail.com

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