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Sony’s PlayStation Explores Collaboration With Roblox, Addressing Safety Concerns – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI)

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Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (a subsidiary of Sony Group Corp. SONY) president and CEO, acknowledged the company is currently in discussions with Roblox Corporation RBLX to make the game platform available on PlayStation.

According to Axios, this subject was made public thanks to an exhibit in the Federal Trade Commission’s hearing against Microsoft Corporation‘s MSFT acquisition of Activision Blizzard Inc ATVI.

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“We have been conservative for too long, and now we are currently engaging with people at Roblox. We hope that the situation will change,” Ryan told investors in early 2022.

Ryan explained to investors that Roblox’s absence from the PlayStation platform can be attributed to the cautious approach toward children’s experiences.

Roblox has an impressive userbase of 66 million daily active users, with almost half of them being under 13 years old. The platform offers free-to-play experiences that entice children to spend real money to enhance their gameplay.

“Historically, because of the large number of children that play on the PlayStation, we have been very careful with regards to opening them up to anything that could potentially exploit them,” PlayStation’s head said.

Ryan added, “Over the last couple of years, however, we have reviewed those policies and relaxed a little on this.”

However, more than a year has passed since these statements, and Roblox remains absent from PlayStation (and very much available on Xbox).

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