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Sunday April 2, 2023 Weekly Emini S&P Rundown with Responsible Day Trading

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Apr 03, 2023


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Hello my friends!  I’m so happy to be back and a bit more clear-headed!  Mexico was pretty nice to me at first, but it sent me home with an awful case of Covid.  So, this last week has been all about recovery so I can get back to doing what I do best—and that’s helping traders figure out the best in themselves and cultivate a learning that allows them to make good decisions in the market. 

Now, in looking at the news, we do have quite a bit coming out this week, so being aware of that is always vital.  As I’ve said before, it isn’t a reason to exit BUT it is a reason to pay attention.  If you’re using a firm like Uprofit, then you most likely don’t worry much about news because UPT doesn’t make you exit during that time—but not paying attention to these things can really eat your lunch if you’re not prepared. 
As for the market—well—WOW!  We’ve been seeing some amazing movement to the upside—and if the strength remains in the Daily MACDs and the 28657 EMAs, then we just may see a chance for this to start showing us some progress back up.  There is so much strength to the upside that it will take a lot of work to get this to get back down to the bottom of things.   

Can it do it?  Of course it can!  So the important thing is to NOT put my, your or someone else’s opinion on things and to stay active in the movement in order to read what the current price action and MACDs are telling us.  We know that things can shift quickly and if we try to force the market to do what we want it to do, instead of listening to what it is saying, we can easily get ourselves stuck in a losing trap. 

Moral of the story?  Pay attention and always read what the market is giving us instead of trying to tell it what we want it to do. 

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But we’re going to pay attention, right folks? And there is no fear in sitting on the sidelines while it works itself out.  Patience and planning are key. 

Well, that is going to wrap this week’s rundown UP!  I hope that you all have a safe, healthy and profitable week my friends!  And as always, you know that I’m looking forward to catching YOU on the profitable side. 

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