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Sunday March 19, 2023 Emini S&P500 Market Rundown and Expectations with Responsible Day Trading

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Mar 20, 2023


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Hello my friends!  Here we are with a new week, meaning we have new opportunities!  I apologize for not putting out a video last week.  I had a wee-bit of surgery and it knocked me down a bit more than I thought it would—so sleep took over. 
Well, so, let’s look at what the market has to say!  We do have quite a bit of news that could get the market moving, so we want to take that into account first.  Awareness is everything!  But as for the market, our Daily chart is REALLY trying to give us the hint that she’s ready to start moving down.  We have price and MACDs back below things and our EMAs are attempting to make a roll to the downside as well.   
The way the price has pulled back into the EMAs on the Daily, if we start getting back below things on all other charts (which are all pointed up at the moment) then we will, more than likely, see things start to push in that direction a bit more.  BUT the funny thing is—ALL other charts, are currently geared for more movement up.  So, this may be a bit of a struggle in making the decision on if the 10946 W-Pivot to the upside will win out—or if it will fail and start giving us opportunities down. 

The best part about what we do?  It doesn’t really matter what direction the market is moving, as long as you make well-informed, responsible, risk-conscious decisions.  This all can be done by paying attention to the patterns the market is giving us and moving with the greater possibilities J 

Well, that will wrap it up my friends!  I wish everyone an amazing week and I look forward to seeing some of y’all at the RDT Seminar in April! 

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