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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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DoorDash, Uber, Grubhub sue New York City over minimum wage for delivery workers

Delivery-app companies sued New York City on Thursday over a law that...

Subway rolls out $80 million plan to bring deli slicers to its U.S. locations

Is Subway going after the Jersey Mike’s crowd? The sandwich-making giant, which...

Like choosy shoppers at a retail store, IPO investors are demanding discounts and displaying price sensitivity

IPO investors, much like retail shoppers in recent years’ inflationary environment, are demanding clear discounts and demonstrating sensitivity to price and valuations, according...

USDA approves ‘lab-grown’ chicken. What does it actually taste like?

Does chicken grown from cells actually taste like chicken? Americans will soon find out. This week, the U.S. greenlighted two brands to make cell-grown...

Americans are dining out and well

Inflation is causing people to...

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