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The Gold EAs Report: Breaking Down the Latest Performance Updates – Analytics & Forecasts – 7 May 2023

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Last time we delved into the world of EAs for gold trading, we evaluated the known contenders. However, in just two short weeks, the landscape has shifted significantly, necessitating a thorough update to ensure we’re covering the current state of the race. Stay ahead of the curve and be in the know with our latest insights

Most Pressing Updates

We have breaking news in the world of gold EAs that you won’t want to miss.

  • It appears that ‘Gold Way‘ has hit a major setback and lost all of its hard-earned profits, now ranking as one of the worst performers in the landscape.
  • Bonnita Gold‘ has entered the game and quickly risen to become one of the top four performers in the field.  Its price of 2000$ may however scare away some EA buyers.
  • And in a surprising turn of events, ‘Advanced Gold Scalper‘ has emerged as the most profitable Gold EA to date, thanks in part to its savvy trading on NFP day.
  • AI for Gold‘ has continued to deliver steady profits week after week. While there may not have been any major jumps or drops in recent weeks, the fact that this EA has been able to maintain its steady performance is a testament to its strength and reliability. Don’t underestimate the power of consistency – it can make all the difference in achieving your trading goals. 

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