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We’re coming up on three months since I decided to take an extended break from regular posting, so I guess it’s time to make a decision.

I had hoped that a break would refresh me and reignite the passion that once existed for this venture. Unfortunately that has not been the case so it’s time for me to call an end to YTC.

Absent the passion and excitement that drove me over the last decade and a half, the impact upon my own trading and my family life is no longer acceptable. I owe it to my wife and kids to focus more on them, on myself, on my own trading and other non-trading ventures.

This has not been an easy decision as I’ve enjoyed the online relationship with many of you over the years. Perhaps I’ll be back one day. But for now, my path is elsewhere.

I would like to thank all of you who have shared this journey with me. I’m pleased to know that the YTC Price Action Trader and regular blog posts have been instrumental in helping some of you progress along your own trading journey. YTC would not have been as successful as it was without your ongoing support and encouragement.

For those who haven’t found their way yet, let me link you to one of the most recent posts. If there is one thing that I can confidently say after all these years, it’s that the most traders need a better review process. One that actively tracks and improves your performance. The strategy you choose is far less important. Start from wherever you are… and drive it forward through incremental tracking, reviewing and improving.

For those new to my site who missed the journey, the blog posts will remain online until the next hosting renewal (sometime late this year).

Thanks again. I wish you all the best of success with your trading.

Forever grateful,

Lance Beggs




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