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Trump, Allies To Face New Charges? DOJ Preparing Indictment: Report

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The Department of Justice is reportedly ready to pursue indictments against several individuals connected to Donald Trump‘s circle and could possibly bring additional charges against the former president. 

What Happened: The Department of Justice has taken steps to prepare a “superseding indictment” against Trump in Florida’s Southern District, sources familiar with the matter told The Independent. 

A “superseding indictment” refers to the act of bringing additional charges against an individual who is already facing an indictment, which could potentially include more severe offenses.

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The prosecutors have the option to consider bringing additional charges against Trump in an alternative jurisdiction, depending on their assessment of the progress and outcomes of the ongoing case against the ex-president, the report added. 

Why It Matters: Trump’s legal troubles have been a significant point of contention in recent weeks. Despite facing 37 criminal counts related to the alleged mishandling of classified documents at Mar-A-Lago, Trump has maintained his innocence and called the indictment “a disgrace.”

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Trump’s indictment has also sparked a debate within the Republican party. While some key GOP figures have defended Trump, others have expressed concern about the seriousness of the allegations. Despite the controversy, recent polls showed that Trump remains the preferred candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

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