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Trump’s Niece Says There’s Only One Way He Goes Away Quietly: ‘Choice In 2024 … Between Democracy And Autocracy’

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Recently, Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump shared her thoughts on her uncle’s sway over Republican voters.

On an episode of “The Michael Steele Podcast” on Saturday, Mary Trump was asked whether there was a possibility that Donald Trump would quietly go “into any good night.”

Shaking her head, Mary Trump said, “There’s only one way that happens, and I’m not going to say it out loud.”

The former president’s niece agreed that, between 2016 and 2020, enthusiasm for “Trumpism” or the “MAGA way” did not die down and rather widened Trump’s voter base.

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She also refuted the idea that the U.S. operates as a democracy, instead calling the country a constitutional Republic.

“America has never reached its potential because throughout its history, huge blocks of people — first, it was all Black people and women, and then it was all women, and … now it’s due to gerrymandering and voter suppression and voter subversion in some cases —  it’s selected groups of people that Republicans just want to have vote,” Mary Trump said.

The psychologist added that, in order to prevent the election and re-election of individuals who act in bad faith, it would take a massive shift in ideology that would then need to be in place for a long time. The choice in 2024, just as it was in 2022, is between democracy and autocracy, she said, adding that, once the country feels safe, it can work on becoming a better democracy.

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