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Trump’s Niece Says There’s Only One Way To Stop Former President’s Lies: ‘Be Blunt About Who He Is’

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Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump recently discussed the former’s president’s fanatic following and how he could be stopped from constantly lying and duping people.

The ‘Deluded Few’: Commenting on Donald Trump’s CNN townhall, during which the former president called moderator Kaitlin Collins a “nasty woman,” Mary Trump said that her uncle is “literally just who he is — he isn’t nuanced.”

Mary Trump made the comments while appearing as a guest on the “Fast Politics” podcast hosted by Molly Jong-Fast, which aired on Friday.

Mary Trump, a psychologist by profession, said it was important that Trump’s followers “get completely cordoned off from participating beyond casting one vote in anything having to do with the American experiment going forward.”

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While discussing the reasons why her uncle’s supporters have stuck with him despite his shortcomings, Mary Trump explained that his followers value him entirely differently than his opponents do.

There are a “deluded few” who see Donald Trump as a “superhero” or as someone wearing a special-forces uniform riding around and holding the Constitution, she said.

“They love his lies. They love that he gets away with lying to that degree. They love the cruelty. I mean, I think that’s been obvious for a really long time now,” Mary Trump said of her uncle’s supporters.

“They love that this man who is literally standing in for them he shares their grievances he shares their sense of victimization because, for him, those things are quite real,” she added.

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Nailing His Lies: The psychologist also said she is unsure whether a journalist can effectively call out Donald Trump on his lies. Rather, it would have to be somebody running against him, she said.

To stop the former president’s lies, “[you] need to point out all of the things that make him so unfit for the role he seeks to hold once again,” Mary Trump said.

“He needs to be brought up short and the only way to do that is to be very blunt about who he is and what will not be allowed,” she added.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers received a boost following his New York indictment because of the idea that power and impunity matter most, his niece said. Secondly, the spike underscores the degree to which “the cult of personality and charisma function in our politics,” she added.

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