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Trump’s No-Show at Defamation Trial Implies ‘He Did It:’ Rape Accuser’s Lawyer

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The lawyer for E. Jean Carroll, the writer who is accusing Donald Trump of defamation after he denied raping her, told jurors on Monday that the former president’s absence from the trial is a sign that “he did it.”

What Happened: “He never looked you in the eye and denied raping Ms. Carroll,” said lawyer Mike Ferrara, reported Reuters.

Carroll’s lawyer told the jury, “You should draw the conclusion that that’s because he did it.”

The former U.S. president had told reporters in Ireland that he would “probably” attend the proceedings but he remained a no-show, according to the report.

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In a video deposition for the trial, Trump reportedly called accusations by Carroll the “most ridiculous, disgusting story.” He said, “It’s just made up.”

Trump’s lawyer Joseph Tacopina said the inability of Carroll to recall the date when the incident took place made it impossible for Trump to defend himself through the means of an alibi, reported Reuters.

Calling the case “outrageous,” Tacopina said, “E. Jean Carroll’s story is not worthy of your belief, not even close.”

Why It Matters: The six-person jury at the trial is expected to begin its deliberations on Tuesday, reported Reuters.

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On Monday, Trump’s 2005 “Grab ‘Em” video was played by Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan. She said that Trump “admitted on video to doing exactly the kinds of things that have brought us here to this courtroom.”

Trump is running to be president once again in 2024. He announced his candidature in November.

His lawyers previously tried to have the rape defamation trial declared as a mistrial by the judge. However, that attempt was unsuccessful.

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