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Why People Might Leave Elon Musk’s Twitter For Mark Zuckerberg’s Threads – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)

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In a surprising twist of social media dynamics, a growing number of users are contemplating abandoning Elon Musk’s Twitter in favor of Mark Zuckerberg-led Meta Platforms Inc.’s META Threads, seeking a fresh start and a more familiar online home. 

What Happened: Meta’s upcoming decentralized social media platform, Threads, has made its official debut on Apple Inc.’s AAPL iOS App Store. The app will be officially released on July 6, which is coming Thursday. 

While Musk and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has already taken a shot at Zuckerberg’s platform, raising vital concerns about user privacy, many netizens are considering leaving the microblogging site and flocking to Meta’s Threads.  

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The sentiment was shared by many users on Twitter and other social media platforms including Matt Navarra, a popular social media commentator, who attributed this chain of events to a combination of desperation, lack of viable alternatives and strategic maneuvers by Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram

According to Navarra, by integrating Threads with Instagram’s massive user base and capitalizing on the positive perception of the platform, Meta aims to provide disillusioned Twitter users with a familiar and kick-started environment, effectively addressing one of the primary frustrations encountered when transitioning to a new social media platform. 

Furthermore, he stated that Meta’s deliberate replication of Twitter’s user experience and interface serves as a strategic masterstroke, catering to disgruntled users’ desire to quit Twitter without starting from scratch and facilitating a smooth transition to their new online abode. 

Navarra isn’t the only one who is planning to try Threads as a Twitter alternative. 

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Why It’s Important: According to analysts, the fortuitous timing of Threads’ launch, coinciding with Musk’s controversial rate limiting and Tweetdeck pay walling decisions, has further played into Meta’s hands, enabling Zuckerberg to seize the moment and entice users seeking refuge from Twitter’s tumultuous realm. 

It is pertinent to note that during the weekend, Musk outlined a new measure on Twitter to tackle “extreme levels” of data scraping and system manipulation by putting temporary limitations on how many tweets users can read daily. 

The tech billionaire also mandated users to be logged in to access tweets and the imposition of a daily tweet viewing limit of 1,000 for unverified accounts

Additionally, on Monday, Twitter announced a forthcoming requirement for users of its popular online dashboard TweetDeck to undergo verification, a move that could potentially generate revenue for the platform. 

Previously a free tool cherished by businesses and news organizations for its ability to organize followed accounts into distinct columns, TweetDeck’s new policy, is set to be implemented in 30 days.

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